Terms & Conditions




PLEASE NOTE: these Rules were last updated on 14/07/22.

1. Who is eligible to take part in this Promotion:

To be eligible for the [Virgin Bet Quiz Game] Promotion, you must:

a. be 18 years of age or over and be a resident of, and physically located in Great Britain;

b. be an invited Member who has accepted the Website Terms and Conditions; and

c. not be subject to any responsible gambling restrictions on your Account, including but not limited to deposit limits or loss limits.

d. have placed 1 or more cash bets in the previous week. Please note these bets will not guarantee eligibility.

2. How to enter:

a) To enter all you need to do is launch the Virgin Bet Quiz Game at: [insert link]

b) Play the Virgin Bet Quiz game;

c) Answer the 10 questions in each round.

d) You have 10 seconds available to answer each question (unless the “extra time” powerup is selected).

e) Each correct answer will have a base score of 50points

f) Points will also be awarded for the speed with which a player answers a question as below;

· Points will be awarded based on .5 of a second, the time remaining within the 10
second countdown will be multiplied by the base score of 50 points e.g.

Player answers question after 3.5 seconds their points would be 50x 6.5 = 325points


g) If a player chooses the “extra time” powerup and answers the question within the extra 5 seconds available, they will not receive the speed of answer bonus and will score 50 points for this question. Max points per round would be 50x10(questions)x (10 seconds remaining) = 5000

h) Your best score of the week and month is posted to each respective leader board

i) Win weekly and monthly prize based on where you finish on the weekly or monthly leader board.

3. Powerups

For each new round created each player will receive 3 powerups to use within the round. Players can use all 3 or none if they wish. If powerups are not used, they will not be carried over to the next round. Players can only use a max of 3 powerups per round:

· Extra time – This will give a player an extra 5 seconds to answer the questions

· Free pass – This will allow a player to ‘skip’ a question with the correct answer selected for them

· 50/50 – This will remove answers leaving two remaining answers for the player to select from

4. Game rewards/ Prize

· Players will receive Free Bets and points based on their progress within the round. The points will go onto the leader board for the chance to win a monthly prize. Free Bets and points will be available for answering 2, 5 and 10 questions correct.

· The Free bet amounts can be found in the prizes section.

· When a player answers 2 correct questions they will see a prize unlocked overlay, similarly if they continue to answer all 10 questions correct.

· The player with the top score on the monthly leader board will win £500 cash

· If there is a tie the prize money will be split, but the winner will win minimum £50 for the month prize

5. When you receive Free Bets?

When you qualify for the Free Bets, they will be available on the Saturday following your quiz entry by 5pm and accessible when logged into your Member account. In the case of technical difficulties, please allow up to 72 hours for them to be credited. If they are not displayed within these timeframes, you may contact our Customer Service Team.

6. Free Bets:

a. Will be available on the Saturday following your quiz entry by 5pm and accessible when logged into your Member account;

b. must be used within 7 days acceptance, otherwise they will expire and be removed from your Member account;

c. may be used to bet on any Sports market we offer

d. may only be used to place a bet of the same value as the applicable Free Bet token, and cannot be used to place a succession of bets of lower value;

e. may only be used one at a time (and separate bets must be placed to redeem any multiple Free Bet tokens awarded, where applicable);

f. may only be used at odds of 1/100 or greater;

g. may only be used to place a single selection bet or an accumulator bet with two or more selections, so are not valid for use on multiple bets such as Lucky 15s;

h cannot be used on each-way bets;

i. cannot be used to claim any Bonus;

j. cannot be withdrawn as cash; and

k. will not be returned as a stake on a winning bet.

6. Restrictions:

· Where a restriction is applied to your Member account under the Website Terms and Conditions or your eligibility to receive the Free Bets/ Bonus offered as part of this promotion is otherwise reduced by us under the Bonus Rules (an “Account Restriction”), you may contact our Customer Service Team to obtain the full number and expected value of any Free Bets/ Bonus that you should have been awarded under this Promotion, where altered or removed by such Account Restriction. This Rule is subject to our obligations to apply restrictions to Bonuses as necessary to prevent money laundering, fraud or similar unlawful behaviour as set out in the Website Terms and Conditions.

· You can only take part in this Promotion once. If we detect that any Member has created more than one account (including in order to take part in this offer multiple times, in breach of these Rules), or is claiming Free Bet tokens or taking part in this offer for the benefit of a group of people, we shall be entitled to close any such accounts (and void any Bonuses, bets, refunds and/or related winnings).

· We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of this game and Promotion to any player or group of players or to modify the terms and conditions of the game at any time

· A prize will not be awarded to you if to do so would be unlawful.

· In the event of a technical failure the Promotion will be declared void.

· Any member who is self-excluded will not be eligible to participate. Players who self-exclude: (i) during the timeframe of this Promotion, or (ii) after the timeframe of this Promotion but before any Bonus is credited, will not be eligible to win/receive any Free Bets/Bonus.

· Your deposit balance (excluding any non-withdrawable Bonuses such as Free Bet tokens) and winnings (if any) are withdrawable at any time during this offer, subject to our rights to temporarily withhold payments as further set out in the Website Terms and Conditions.

· If you opt to participate in this Promotion, you agree to comply with these Rules, the Bonus Rules and the Website Terms and Conditions at all times. If (based on reasonable evidence) we find that you have seriously breached any of these terms, we may render Bonuses, bets, refunds and/or related winnings in your Member account void, and we reserve the right to close your Member account.




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