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How do I play?

To enter the quiz, simply click the Play now button on the homepage and make your selections in the 10 available questions. You will have 10 seconds to select your answer for each question, but be quick, the faster you answer the more points you will earn.

Is it free to play?

Yes, the quiz is totally free to play!

How will I be contacted if I win?

If you win a prize you will be contacted by our customer support team via the details you have provided on your Virgin Bet account

How are points calculated for questions?

Points will be awarded based on .5 of a second, the time remaining within the 10 second countdown will be multiplied by the base score of 50 points e.g. If a player answers a question after 3.5 seconds their points would be 50x 6.5 = 325points

How do the power-ups work?

There are 3 powerups for players to use in each round. Each one can only be used once per round.


Extra time: Gain an extra 5 seconds to answer your question using this power-up


50/50: Try the 50/50 power-up to remove 2 of the 4 available answers


Free pass: You can skip 1 question per round and will be scored as a correct answer for 50points, use it wisely!

When will I get my prize?

Your free bet prize will be credited and available to use on the Saturday after the round closes. Any monthly cash prizes will be credited within 72 hours of the final leaderboard being confirmed.

To use your free bet, simply add a qualifying market to your betslip and select 'Free Bet'.


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